Father’s Day Card


John C. and Mary Kim Westervelt


     Many of you, as I did, received or gave a Father’s Day card last month. Among a half dozen cards leaning against the wall on the top of my desk is a Father’s Day card from my daughter in 1994. I saved it because it is beautiful on the front and has her hand-written story on the back.

     The front is a three-layer paste-up. The top two sheets have torn edges. The second sheet reads, “From Your Daughter with All My Love.” The final half-size overlay is a drawing of two tight, pink, rose buds in the background and a fully opened blossom up close. Mary Kim’s note in tiny cursive on the back of the card tells a real story of a blind daughter’s love for her father that is as beautiful as the card itself.


Dear Dad,

     I was in Hallmark in the mall, and I heard a woman reading card after card. She was also describing what was on the front of the cards in great detail. I noticed that the woman she was with was blind, and they were apparently looking for a card for the blind woman’s father. The woman who was reading must have read half of the father’s day cards found in the Hallmark store to her blind friend. The blind woman had narrowed it down to several cards that passed her criteria for meaningful verses. Then the seeing woman described in detail what was on the front of each narrowed-down choice. The woman described the card I am sending in great detail. Her summary forced her to notice things that the casual observer wouldn’t notice when picking out a card.

     The blind woman asked, “Is it really pretty?”

     The seeing woman, scrutinizing the card, responded, “Yes, it is.”

     The blind woman said, “Let’s get that one then because I like what it says.”

     I found it very touching that the woman wanted to find the perfect card for her “seeing” father. Obviously, her father was a very special man. Although this was not the card I originally picked, I decided to get the same one, as I read its verse for myself and saw the cover through such a kind, loving woman as the blind woman’s friend. (Also because you are a very special father, too.)

     Happy Father’s Day, Love, Mary Kim


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