Heartwarming Stories

Stories Published in 2016

The Jesus I Know

Stories Published in 2015

Life Is Like a Day

My Father by Mary Kim

My Father by Paul

Snapping Green Beans

Nostalgia Old and New

Platonic Love

Stories Published in 2014

Remembering Mother

Father and Son and Tools

The Last Leg of Life

Never Alone

Stories Published in 2013

Christmas Then and Now

What Can a Father and Daughter Talk About?

My New Neighbors

A Saturday to Remember

Listening to the Children

A Child's Gift

A Sack Full of Tokens

Stories Published in 2012

Alone on Christmas Day

God's Land

Faith from My Mother

Raise Up a Child

Moving to Texas

Let Your Heart Reside Where Your Home Is

The Magic of August

My Extended Family

Mahala - Sister of Paul

Stories Published in 2011

The Last December

The Man I Hope to Be

Highlight of a Summer Day

Father's Day Card

Asbury's Young and Old

Stories Published in 2010

Asbury's Most Beautiful Woman

Saved Letters

Thoughts About Jesus

From Grandpa John's Journal

A Day to Remember

What Is God Like?

Stories Published in 2009

Work with Your Hands

A Case for Growing Asbury

Playing with Abandon

Redeemed and Forgiven

My Name Is Wisdom

Leave an Inheritance

Faith of a Child

Do Not Be Anxious

Stories Published in 2008

Christmas During the Great Depression

Seasons of Life


How Amy Helped Me Discover My Gift

The Children Keep Coming

Words of a Child

Avoiding Loneliness

Conversation with God

In Love with the Creator

Come and Eat

Stories Published in 2007

First Peanut

A Growing Faith

The First Psalm


Faith from My Mother

Listening to Jesus

Grant Me Serenity

My Friend Ken

What Are You Like God?

Stories Published in 2006

Inherited Crowbar

The Tractor Man

Investing Lives in Lives

Deeper Love for Jesus

Nostalogia Old and New

God Aboard a Navy Ship

Church Family

An Exhilarating Feeling

The Lost One

Thoughts from Grandpa John

Come Along with Me to England

Asbury Made a Difference

This I Believe

Stories Published in 2005

Healing Help


For the Least of These

Sunday School

Time to Say Thanks

Teaching Respect for Old Glory

Freely Give

A Host of Descendants

I Am with You Always

I'll Give You the Job I Have for You

You Are the Salt of the Earth

Jesus - A Servant Leader

Stories Published in 2004

Jesus Speaking Figuratively

God's Paintbrush

Thank You, Carson

The Good People of Enid

The Little Wooden Boot

In This Very Room

The Country Iris Lives On

Memories Old and New

Changing Readership

Stories Published in 2003

We Will Miss You, Kathy

Life's Hills and Valleys

Hands-On Mission

Times Have Changed

May I Borrow a Cup of Sugar?

Serving Her Country

God's Bell Curve

Listening to the Children

God's Design

Life Goes On

Stories Published in 2002

Letter to My Grandchild

AB Steen - A Modern Engineer

Doubly Loved

First Love

Stories Published in 2001

Christmas Tree

Earth Angel

Wiping Away A Tear

Alone on Christmas Morning

Mel's Kindness

Stories Published in 2000

A Need to Be Needed

The Step in the Attic


Saint Helen

Pecan Pie and Memories


Stories Published in 1999

Classen High School

Who Is Susie Wood?

Raise Up a Child

Sitting on the Porch

Helping Hands and Feet

A Summer Shower

Snapping Green Beans

Her Name is Maude

Karen's Kindness - Just Like Mother's

I Once Was A Preacher

Lost Gifts - Yet Hope Remained

What Beautiful Hair

The Cookie Lady

The Pleasure of Dusting

Grace Lives On

Going Back To Grandmother's House

An Icicle

Stories Published in 1998

One of a Kind

Brothers and Sisters

Sungate Pool

An August Evening

A Sack Full of Tokens

A Lawnmower's Story

Asbury's Most Beautiful Woman

Stories Published in 1997

A Letter from Texas

God's Land

Moving to Texas

An Encouragement Card

My Boyhood Pastor

Three-Year-Olds Have Fun

Mommy and Daddy Came to Get Me

Stories Published in 1996

Grandma Ruth Would Have Been Proud

Asbury's Youngest Stephen Minister

A Brother Is Born for Adversity

A Lesson Remembered

Give God a Chance

Hibiscus for Your Enjoyment

What Can A Father and Daughter Talk About?

Stories Published in 1995

The Joy of Being with Three-Year-Olds

A Modern Martha: The Listener

My Best Friend

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