The Children Keep Coming


     I was helping at the door of a brand new classroom for older three-year-olds for Asbury’s Vacation Bible School.

     Jaycee walked right in and reached for my hand with a warm smile.  I thought, “This is certainly a confident friendly little girl.  It is like we are old friends.”

     Seeing that her last name was Garrett, I realized that our friendship began when she came with her mother Tiffanie to drop off her older sister Jordon for the weekday preschool four-year-old class where I volunteered.  Before Jordon, her older brother Joshua was in my class.  Jaycee’s smile looks just like Joshua’s.

     For four days I enjoyed Jaycee and a dozen other children.  We went to the parlor for crafts.  For story time the children sat on the floor of a newly constructed gathering area with a stage for the half dozen adult and teen actors.  Besides the older threes, there was a classroom of middle threes and a classroom of younger threes.  Of course, there were many classes of older and younger children.

     For a week of fun and Bible instruction, the children and their teachers say thank you for your part in making Mission Possible happen.


Grandpa John


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