Thoughts from Grandpa John


Feeling good about life is more than feeling good for the moment.


Anything worthwhile is a little bit of trouble.


Most of my growth has come with some pain.


For the hard job, just start in.


To cope with the harried changes of life, I seek a moment with the familiar.


While seeking an understanding of life, I discovered acceptance.


God uses imperfect people for perfectly good works.


God gives me some victories to salve my defeats.


Most of my inspiration has come in the midst of labor.


Only I choose the priorities for my life.


I love you, so I affirm you.


I could not have been my best without your challenge.


Because you care for me, I want to care for others.


Jesus didnít say life would be easy, only that He would be with me.


Always and forever, there is blue sky above the dark clouds.


Acceptance is a needed virtue for aging.


There will come a time when you will need a Comforter.† Get acquainted with Him ahead of time.


If someone reaches out to you, reach back.


Words written capture thoughts and preserve them for posterity.


Sometimes itís hard to speak my thoughts, so I write.


I am more comfortable being myself than trying to be another.


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