Healing Help


by John C. Westervelt


     The first Monday and Tuesday of October were Dads’ Night Out for Asbury’s weekday preschool.  A father of a three-year-old asked, “Grandpa John, is your cough better?”

     Wondering how he knew, I said, “The cough is much better, thank you, but how did you know to ask?”

     The dad said, “My daughter prayed for your cough to get well.”

     From seven to eight o’clock, I visited in the classroom with one mother and a dozen fathers of three-year-olds.  Several told me that their son or daughter had prayed for my cough.

     Last year I hardly missed a day of my time with three-year-olds on Tuesday and Thursday and with four-year-olds on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday; so I was disappointed in late September, when I caught a bug that turned into a weekend cough that kept me home on Monday and Tuesday.

     I knew that Miss Jan (Wagner) and Miss Sue (Wetmore) prayed with the children during circle time, so I told Miss Jan about the children’s prayers and asked if they had prayed for healing of my cough.  Jan said, “Yes, we did, and I am pleased to hear that the children remembered our request for your healing for their bedtime prayers.”

     God may have planned to use my well-worn immune system to heal my cough, but I think His pleasure was greater to also have answered the faith-filled prayers of some three-year-olds.


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